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Akbank Art Center Limited Competiton





area (sqm)

design team


Alisan Cirakoglu
Ilgın Avcı
Batuhan Kumru
Deniz Yazici
Oya Esen
Advisor: Ekmel Ertan


Our proposal revolves around embodying a structure that reflects Akbank Sanat's approach to contemporary art, while establishing a strong connection between the interior and exterior of the building. The interior of the structure houses contemporary art and activities aligned with this focus, while the immediate exterior integrates with Istanbul's pivotal area, witnessing various social, cultural, and political transformations on Istiklal Avenue and Taksim Square.

We developed our proposal for the New Akbank Art Center by flipping the existing functionality of the building in terms of access to exhibition and activity spaces. Areas that do not necessarily require direct visual connection with natural light or the city are situated along the periphery, while vertical circulation spaces and floor lobbies are positioned internally.

Upon entering the New Akbank Art Center, our vision isn't just any cultural structure at any point inside the building but rather an interaction hub that constantly reminds visitors of its location, fostering an engaging relationship with the street.

We relocated vertical circulation and floor lobbies to the outer perimeter.

Internally, we established spaces for exhibitions, events, workshops, libraries, and similar programs.

We maintained almost complete permeability in the external perimeter.

Current Situation // Proposed Design

The circulation, which is currently designed to be inward-looking within the existing building, is proposed to be inverted and brought towards the façade, aiming for users to establish a visual connection with Istiklal Avenue and to sense the dynamism of the street within the building. It is expected that visitors will utilize the circulation areas as foyer spaces, much like they do currently.

The boundary between circulation areas and activity spaces has the capability to expand and contract, reshaping itself according to each activity.


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