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Alişan Çırakoğlu / Ilgın Avcı / Oya Esen / Batuhan Kumru

Samsun ‘’Multipurpose Hall’’ is built on the traces of the demolished Samsun Hotel’s ‘’Ballroom’’.

Old Samsun ‘’Ballroom’’ building had hosted lots of different events like wedding ceremonies. It also had took a place in people’s life. Preserving and maintaining it’s place in the urban memory is aimed at the project.

The Building is situated between Samsun Ataturk Cultural Center and ‘’İlkadım ‘’ Monument in city center. The green coastline, where the building is located, has some buildings which hosting social and cultural events.

Keeping a visual connection between coastline and city is achieved by designing main hall’s facades, which are parallel to the coastline, as transparent as possible. With this transparency, the events can be perceived from the outside.

Using steel structure has chosen according to the needs of functions. The building’s architectural expression is generally achieved by expressing the structural system.

The metal cage system, which is surronding the building, is becoming rare according to the functions and creating an irregular rhythm on the facades.

There are two main halls of 600 square meters and two small meeting rooms areas in the building. A two story height foyer space is welcoming guests with a sculptural staircase.

Samsun Municipality

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