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MTP - Mobility Transformation Park

The main values guiding the design approach of the Mobility Transformation Park to be built on the TOGG Gemlik campus are the vividness, innovative stance and accessibility of the TOGG brand.

We believe that the iconic stance of the building we designed derives from its square-planned net form, its challenging structural system and its strong relationship with its surroundings.


The common use areas, which are fragmented and transparent to create a crystallized effect, are located on the ground floor. We call the mesh-covered mass that “floats” over these common areas as the “innovation cloud”. This mass forms the main image of the building.

Within this “innovation cloud”, we have placed workspaces where designs that will guide the

automotive and mobility industry of the future are developed.

This mass is considered as an element where the emphasis on innovation comes to the fore with the technologies it contains. These technologies are aimed to be applied in areas such as daylight and climate control, energy generation and efficiency.


The open passage we planned in the middle of the MTP building provides attractive semi-open spaces for all employees to socialize by strengthening the connection between factory buildings and recreational areas. These areas are supported by social facilities such as a cafeteria, bazaar and multi-purpose hall that we have placed on the ground floor. In this way, we believe that the MTP Building will turn into an important point of attraction within the TOGG campus.

Open passage works as a circulation backbone that holds together the different components of

the program, such as Customer Center, Management Office, Social Areas, R&D office and prototype center. The pedestrian entrances and resting areas of different units are designed on this axis.


The Customer Center we designed on the ground floor allows different display scenarios thanks to its large volume. This place, which holds different functions such as vehicle promotion, vehicle delivery, co-working areas and restaurant together, provides the customer with the TOGG experience. The activity area, which differs in form within this volume, is opened to an open passage when necessary, allowing the customer experience to continue in the open area.


We placed the office areas of the management office, R&D office and prototype center within the floating mass that we call “innovation cloud”. We designed landscape courtyards so that office areas can easily benefit from natural light and ventilation. We have planned these courtyards as places where employees can relax during the day and socialize in the open air. We have planned the open office spaces on a horizontal layout, and joint working and resting areas that support socializing and producing together. We believe that this will strengthen the TOGG family’s sense of belonging and increase productivity.

We have designed the R&D office and prototype center offices as well as the laboratory and production workshops in a vertical relationship. Spaces connected by large galleries provide the unity of design and production. We designed the interior display area in the center of the prototype as moving the walls, so that the space is included in the work area when there is no presentation.


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