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Alan (m²)


Manisa Municipality




The cultural center proposed for Manisa was designed to meet the expectation of becoming one of the city's important symbols. The existing area, which currently hosts a marketplace, follows the path of the Kumludere, which starts from Mount Spil and flows towards the Gediz Plain, eventually merging with the Gediz River. This route, especially south of Mimar Sinan Boulevard, offers a prominent green space continuity. We aimed for our workspace to become a focal point where this green axis expands and transforms into a city park. Situated in the heart of a lively urban fabric and along the edge of a busy road, the chosen form for the main building is circular to create an equal perception from all directions. The roof, which will host the weekly market and various commercial and cultural events on non-market days, is considered as an overhang that envelops the entire building block. In the center of this roof, a wide and uninterrupted green area is defined. The roof also provides a surface for various modules attached to its edge to serve different functions. These modules can be increased in number and include elements such as a bus stop, kiosk, seating elements, information booth, ATM, bicycle station, functioning as urban amenities in the open space.

The canopy is a simple structure supported by a lightweight covering, and it is designed with a focus on the human scale when determining its cross-section. An approach has been adopted that closely defines the space, similar to the simple tents and umbrellas found in traditional markets, enhancing the sense of enclosed space for users. When necessary, low-profile vans, rather than tall trucks, will be able to enter under the canopy to provide services. The area under the canopy that is at a lower elevation is conceived as an upper platform accessible via three steps up from the sidewalk. This difference in elevation allows for controlled transitions between the sidewalk and under the canopy. Similarly, the central courtyard is at a higher elevation than under the canopy. The courtyard is elevated above both the sidewalk and the market area, defining it as a specialized urban park. This area is entirely treated as a green meadow, with minimal use of hard surfaces. It features broad grassy areas among clusters of trees that provide shade.

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